A natural lifestyle is not an option for us, it’s the solution. No to additives, to pesticides and to pollutants, and yes to green and renewable energies, to organic produce, to recycling and to composting. In short: yes to life.


Our values, vision and mission are all based on the positive, immense energy of love. Love for our Mediterranean countryside, love for our Catalan culture, love for our family and our neighbours and, riding the expansion wave that embraces everything, love for other cultures, for other people and for diversity in all its facets. Love is a vital driving force.


Nos encantan nuestras, nuestra costa, y desde aquí, la cultura mediterranea que nos une con Italia, Marruecos, Tunez, Grecia, hasta llegar a Israel y Palestina. Por eso en nuestra carta hacemos homenaje a todas las cocinas del gran Mediterraneo.


From our vegetable garden to the table, and from the vegetable gardens of our neighbours and friends to our kitchen. When Irene has too much fennel and lettuce in her vegetable garden, we swap it for yoga classes. Maren, Raimón, Geroni and many more friends supply us with fruit and vegetables from their organic vegetable gardens.


We firmly support all things local, and are completely open to all things global. At Sa Garrofa, we teach and share local customs regarding horticulture, crafts, and the preparing of local products such as ratafia. Our clients are from all around the world, so we can relate to the “glocal” concept.